All patients need to be referred by their Medical Practitioner or ACC. Referral letters can be faxed to (03) 357 2594
or posted to 60 Hawthornden Road, Avonhead, Christchurch.

Please call (03) 357 2597 for questions related to the pain management services we offer.

At Christchurch Pain Management Services, we specialise in finding you the best treatment for your pain. Due to the rapid advances of modern medicine, there are now many varied pain treatments available. The degree of ache varies from person to person, so your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Pain treatment may include combination of pain medications and interventions, and referral to physiotherapists and psychologists experienced in chronic pain. Of course, each patient has a unique history and set of circumstances.  Not all patients are suited to management  in a private community setting so Prof Shipton undertakes a triage process for all referrals prior to an appointment being confirmed.

Initial Consultation – $515

  • Comprehensive examination by a pain management specialist
  • Evaluation of medical history and records
  • Development of individualized pain management plan
  • Assessment guidelines for continuum of care
  • Thorough explanation and prescription of appropriate pain medications
  • Assessment of need for other interventions
  • If necessary:
    • Additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, etc.)
    • Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, etc.)
    • Office visit: 60 minutes

Continuum of Care (Follow-up visits) – $140

  • Evaluation of any new testing or reports
  • Evaluation of individualized pain management plan
  • Continuation of pharmacological protocol
  • Review of quality of life parameters, such as sleep, mood, work activities/requirements and social relationships
  • If necessary:
    • Referrals for additional testing, imaging or evaluation
    • Adjustment of pain management medication protocol
    • Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, TENS etc)
    • Office visit every 21-28 days as required. Once the pain is under better control the visits will be spaced at  three to six monthly intervals.

Are Pain Management services covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover pain management services including doctor visits, and interventional treatments such as epidurals and peripheral nerve blocks. However, there are many varieties of plans within medical insurance, so it is advisable to contact your insurer regarding how much they will reimburse for the initial consultation ($515) and follow-up appointments ($140). We will provide you with a quotation for any other intervention costs which can be submitted to the medical insurance cover before the therapy commences. We are an Affiliated Provider for Southern Cross.

Are Pain Management services covered under ACC?

We hold a variety of contracts with ACC for pain management. ACC covers the entire cost of the consultations if your pain arises from an injury, and the claim has been accepted by ACC. ACC require that any patient receiving pain management needs to be referred by another medical practitioner or by ACC themselves. Any procedures such as epidurals or injections need prior approval from ACC, and we will submit this if required.

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